Alice Acoustic Guitar AW436L

Acoustic guitar strings by Alice have brought established strings manufacturing techniques and quality components into a new lower price range.They also feature an ultra fine, anti rust coating bonded to the string to extend playing life Phosphor bronze strings are considered an industry standard, producing the perfect combination of bright, warm, long lasting tone coupled with durability.

Alice Colourful Strings A407C

Made Of High Quality Stainless Steel Strings & Colourful Coated Copper Alloy Wound Make You Guitar More Perfect, Good Tools To Replace Your Guitar String, Good Gift For Guitar Beginner Each String Is Individually Packaged In Its Own Airtight Poly Bag. The A407C is Suitable For Acoustic Guitar.

Classical Guitar Clear Nylon A106

Alice A106 Classical Guitar String Suit for Classical Guitar.Hard Tension, perfectly used for practice.Made of Clear nylon with Nylon core,Silver-plated copper alloy wound,Proprietary anti- rust coat.

Bass String A606

Alice strings are made of good quality steel, which makes them delivering a pleasant sound. Alice strings are perfect choice for music lovers.

Violin Strings A703

Modern strings may be gut, solid steel,stranded steel or various synthetic materials, wound with various metals, and sometimes plated with silver. Strings have a limited lifetime. Apart from obvious things, such as the winding of a string coming undone from wear, players generally change a string when it no longer plays true, losing the desired tone. String longevity depends on string quality and playing intensity.

Alice Acoustic Guitar A206 Series

100% New and High Quality. Light Tension,bright timbre and durability make them a good choice for practicing. Made of stainless steel core and coated copper alloy wound. Silver color ball-end. With proprietary anti-rust technology of coating,the anti-rust duration of strings is 4-5 times longer.

A506 Electric Guiter

Alice A506 Electric Guitar Strings Set . Super Light Tension ,the strings provide distinctive bright tone and excellent intonation, Plated Steel,Steel Core, Nickel Alloy Wound. The E-1st ,B-2nd ,G-3rd strings made of high-quality coated steel. The D-4th , A-5th, E-6th nickel alloy wound strings wound by automatic winding machine.

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