Hi Frequency Series

Hi-Frequency Clear

Hi-Frequency Texture Coated

Hi-Frequency Black Gloss Resonant

Hi-Frequency White Gloss Resonant

The Hi Frequency is a thin, 7mil single ply head. Recommended for sensitive playing or as a resonant bottom head. The 7mil Nu-Brite film brings out higher frequencies in the drum and produces a brighter response when used as a lightweight batter or resonant head on toms. The Hi-Frequency in Video Gloss Black or White is the ideal bottom head for tom-toms when a striking visual look is required. Made primarily as a resonant head, the 7mil HF with Video Gloss inverted finishes brings out higher frequency overtones in a drum with a clean and choke free response. This head makes your toms look and sound great! Not recommended for batter head use.

Classic Clear Series

Classic Clear

Classic Clear Power Dot

Classic Clear Black Gloss Resonant

Classic Clear White Gloss Resonant

The Classic Clear is a medium weight, clear single ply drumhead that can be used on the top or bottom of any size tom-tom. As a Batter Head, the 10mil thick Nu-Brite drumhead film produces a wide-open, full sound with plenty of attack and a musical sustain. When used as a bottom head, they resonate with a warm, clean and choke free response. A Note on Resonant( bottom) Heads: The bottom resonant head is often neglected but has a significant effect on the overall tone of the drum. A poorly made or poorly tuned bottom head will sap all the tone out of a great drum. Classic Clear heads, made with Aquarian's Safe-T-Lok hoop and Nu-Brite drumhead film, let the drum sing and make it the perfect resonant head for any tom-tom!.

Texture Coated Series

Texture Coated Series

The Texture, Coated Series drumhead, is a 10mil, single ply, medium weight head that produces a responsive and resonant tone with sticks, mallets, and brushes. The Aquarian Z-100 coating is one of the thinnest and most durable coatings ever developed. Unlike conventional coatings, it resists chipping, and it lasts and lasts and lasts! Aquarian "Safe-T-Loc" hoop, combined with our "Sound Curve" collar design provides for easy tuning, great stick response and zero slippage inside the hoop. Aquarian's Texture Coated heads offer consistent tone, increased resonance, and the sensitive response that drummers expect from a traditional sounding single ply drumhead.

Modern Vintage Series

Modern Vintage Thin

Modern Vintage Medium

Modern Vintage with Bassdrum Felt

The Modern Vintage single ply, 10mil, Medium weight drumhead, features a special coating that has the look, the feel and the warm sound of a calfskin head. The coating is slightly thicker and helps to slow the vibration of the head resulting in a lower, warmer tone with a softer feel and a classic vintage look. These full range tom and snare drum heads and are suitable for any musical setting where warm tone and full resonance are welcome. These medium weight heads are perfect for either Batter and Resonant heads. Modern Vintage heads make the drums look as good as they sound.

American Vintage Series

American Vintage Classic Clear

American Vintage Medium

American Vintage Thin

American Vintage Medium with Felt Strip

The American Vintage is a coated single ply drumhead. Made in thin and medium weights, the American Vintage Series Drumheads have a slightly larger hoop diameter to allow for an easier fit on most older American made drums that have a hard time fitting conventional heads. This specialty line of drumheads features a unique vintage coating that is slightly thicker and has a look, a feel and the warm sound of a calfskin head. Also available in a 10mil clear vintage model.


Jack DeJohnette

Jack DeJohnette's style is iconic, and his sound is distinctive.Aquarian has designed a single ply drumhead with a special black texture coating to compliment this head's sound. This slightly thicker coating produces a dry, focused sound that is well suited for jazz and fusion players looking for a focused, musical head.

Focus-X Series

Focus-X Clear

Focus-X Texture Coated

Focus-X Texture Coated with Power Dot

The clear, 10mil, single ply Focus-X drumhead features a vented muffling ring tucked into the hoop underneath the head. The vented muffling design eliminates unwanted ring while maintaining a fat tone on tom-toms and creating a sensitive and articulate response from the snare drums. No external muffling needed! Great for close up miking- live or in the studio . Available in a coated, reverse Power Dot version for even more FOCUS!.


Studio-X Clear

Studio-X Clear with Power Dot

Studio-X Texture Coated

Studio-X Texture Coated with Power Dot

The Studio-X combines a clear, 10mil single ply drumhead with a lightweight muffle ring adhered to the underside. The SX Series is designed to eliminate some of the unwanted high frequencies while still maintaining a warm, open and focused drum sound. Perfect for controlling unwanted overtones when recording or close miking. Available with a textured coating or with an optional Power Dot for more focus and durability. Available with a textured coating or with an optional Power Dot for more focus and durability.

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