Kaps Melodica 37-Key

Melodica 37 key, Suitable for Teaching and Playing, with Carrying Case

The melodica, also known as the Pianica, blow-organ, key harmonica, free-reed clarinet easy-to-learn modern wind instrument for young and old to make their own music. It is also exceedingly useful in music education as an introduction to all keyboard instruments. Flex-tube mouthpiece, and straight tube mouthpiece. Built in hand strap. Air release button. Comes with an hard se with handle Anticorrosive broze reeds, high welding technology.


- Perfermance Improvement 37-key are wider than 32-key in the range,
there are three sounds across octaves with exquisite workmanship, clear & nice sound

- It comes with a little cleaning rag that you can use to wipe the two mouthpieces.
Suitable for instrumental Music Teaching, Music Playing, Music Learning


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