Kaps Capo

Model B3

It is ideal for acoustic and electric guitars and is available in a standard size. Made with best in quality material, it is sure to remain intact for years to come. Its classic trigger capo styling will also look great on your guitar.
Type: Standard, One Hand Operation.
Used For: Classical Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars

Model B4

Made of high quality fibre Strong, padded, spring-action grip Works for both 6 tring guitars Unique pressure pad conforms to fingerboard and frets, One Hand Operation, locking type clutch guitar capo ,used for Classical Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, fast and easy to operate.

Model B5

Spring Style Guitar Capo is an extremely solid yet lightweight, black spring style capo,fast and easy to operate ,comfortably in your hand .
Made from a metal frame with rubber pads that will not damage the wood of your guitar. This is a well built capo with a strong reliable spring that provides firm pressure across the entire fretboard.
The simple spring design allows the capo to be easily taken on and off using one hand.
Used for Electric, Steel String Acoustic and Classical Guitars.

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